Whytemead Curriculum

What is our pedagogic vision?


Through curiosity, collaboration and determination, we are Growing Minds.

Our school vision sits at the heart of our approach to teaching and learning for all.

This is then reinforced with our principles for teaching and learning.

We understand what these principles look like in practice in our classrooms.

We use high impact teaching strategies to ensure that we offer the best opportunity to all our Whytemead children.

What is our curriculum?

In a nutshell, our curriculum is the lived, daily experiences of the children in our school.

We use the National Curriculum and shape it to best fit our Whytemead children, ensuring that the intended curriculum outcomes are delivered through engaging lessons.

Our curriculum is balanced, rigorous, and coherent and it promotes progression in learning.

Links are both horizontal (across year group subjects through topic planning) and vertical by ensuring that material learnt builds as children progress through school. Early learning experiences feed into what happens later on in school. 

As we have mixed age classes, we have developed a school curriculum that works over a 2 year rolling cycle; year A and year B.