Religious Education

Religious Education


R.E at Whytemead is concerned with educating children about religion and for them to learn from religion.It is not concerned with inducting them in a particular faith; this is the responsibility of the family or the faith community. 

Pupils will learn about Christianity as the main religious tradition in this country but also about the teaching and practices of some of the other principal world religions represented in this country. 

At Whytemead we focus on deepening children’s understanding of the nature, diversity and impact of religion and belief in the contemporary world. We teach respect and understanding for all faiths and seek to challenge common stereotypes. 

Children participate in a range of experimental and creative activities where they are able to develop, not only their knowledge of different religions, but also their insight into the ‘experience’ of religion. Lessons are imaginative and pose challenging questions. We ensure that there are opportunities for children to foster their spiritual development. 

Children work independently and in groups and are encouraged to use reasoned argument and debate when exploring issues. There are high expectations of discussions and we insist on openness, understanding and respect. 

The children develop their skills of enquiry into religion and are encouraged to ask challenging questions. They gather, interpret and analyse information, and draw conclusions and evaluate issues using good reasoning. We use a range of high quality resources to stimulate children’s learning and provide examples of living religious practice. 

At Whytemead we try to integrate ‘learning about’ and ‘learning from’ religion. The children are encouraged to make links with their own lives and think about the values in a religion that speak to us.