Parent and Carer's Forum

Welcome to the Whytemead Parents and Carers Forum Page!
The Whytemead Forum aims to help parents and carers bring ideas and suggestions to the school for new projects, opportunities, or ways of working. It is also a route for the school to approach parents and carers with their own ideas for change, before they are put into action. Whytemead is already a friendly and welcoming school that is open to feedback from all, but the forum will provide a platform to routinely put forward suggestions, explore how they might work and then, if there is agreement, make them happen.
How it works
To begin with, we see the forum being made up of eleven class representatives and a Whytemead staff member who will meet once a month: however, there is some flexibility to change this to work around the commitments of the Forum members.
Parents and carers will be able to email their suggestions to the Forum members or speak directly with a class representative who will then take these views and ideas to the meeting to discuss.
The staff member will be present to give responses on behalf of the school and provide insight as to what suggestions are feasible and may or may not have been tried before.
The nitty gritty
The meetings are expected to be held on a Friday afternoon at 3.20pm for approximately an hour. Children and siblings will be able to stay in the school and play while the meetings go on, and may even be able to provide useful feedback on ideas!
The Forum will welcome comments of a critical nature (as criticism can lead to positive change!); however, only practical and constructive criticism will be discussed and it will not be an avenue for complaints, which should always be addressed directly to the school.
Although it may not always be possible to respond to each suggestion routinely, parents and carers should feel free to approach the class rep for an update on an idea they have put forward. When there are significant plans to report, parents and carers will be notified as they would with any school news.
Getting involved
At present the forum is under re-organisation. Please check here for updates.
If you would like any more information, please email
For all future contact and to offer your suggestions and ideas for the school, please use the above email or speak with your child's class rep. Details regarding the class reps to follow the meeting.
We look forward to hearing from you!