Music at Whytemead
At Whytemead we believe that every child is a musician. Whether their talent is singing, playing an instrument or organising and writing their own compositions, every child is capable of using music to help them. We are lucky enough to have staff at Whytemead that recognise the importance of music in the development of children. It can help with wellbeing and happiness, improve concentration, prove to be a great memory aid and also improve maths skills. At Whytemead we are very proud of the musical ability of our pupils. We work hard to encourage them to reach their potential by nurturing their skills and talents. The children have access to music in all year groups and instruments are a popular choice from percussion instruments introduced in Reception to Ukulele and Drumming lessons further up the school. Children at Whytemead also have access to Violin tuition with an outside agency and other instruments are available depending on interest. Music is embedded across the curriculum and many year groups use music to help children remember concepts in subjects such as Science, and also to allow them to perform in front of an audience and help them to develop confidence and self-awareness. We believe it is important for children to be given the experience of performing and are proud of our Christmas productions, concerts and performances at fairs. If your child enjoys singing or playing an instrument, encourage them! It may not be to everyone’s taste, but making music or enjoying listening to it can release stress and improve levels of enjoyment. Most of all, we understand that music has the ability to make a person feel happy and positive and this is the most important aspect of the music here at Whytemead!