KS2 Golden awards

31st January 2019

KS2 – Golden January


Elm Class

Finley & Aston – working collaboratively in maths and supporting their peers with their learning too.

Dylan – writing some amazing sentences using ideas about the Roman Army.

Kaitlyn – working very hard in literacy to write a detailed paragraph about Roman weapons.

Mia – excellent independent reading and reaching the top of the reading tree.

Max – working very hard to improve his handwriting


Oak Class

Lilly L – thinking outside the box and stimulating excellent classroom discussions with her thoughtful comments.

Lexi – challenging herself.

Seth – being a reading role-model

Rhys – making great contributions to our class discussions

Ethan – always being ready for his learning and making good choices.


Redwood Class

Sophie – working so hard at her writing and making great progress

Jane – always listening carefully

Anna-Rose – working independently in maths using what she knows to solve problems

Riley – fantastic piece of persuasive writing, persuading people to join the Roman Army with lots of effective language choices.


Beech Class

Amalie – brilliant enthusiasm and participation.

Lewis D – making a brilliant effort with his homework.

Freya – great logic and finding factors when multiplying fractions.

Charlie H & Jessica – outstanding writing and presentation of a non-chronological report.


Lime Class

George C – coping very well with change and trying hard.

Grace – trying really hard with fractions and putting her new learning into practice

Frazer & Jada – thoughtful writing and amazing presentation of their non-chronological reports.

Jasmine – writing a super descriptive independent paragraph about her fantastic beast


Olive Class 

Lara – gaining the confidence to see herself as a good mathematician.

Charlie O – asking questions and being curious

Matthew – applying his excellent knowledge of times tables to new concepts, (+ - fractions with different denominators)