Geography at Whytemead

The national curriculum for primary geography is split into four strands: Locational Knowledge, Place Knowledge, Human and Physical Geography, and Geographical Skills and Fieldwork. As these strands are intrinsically linked, geography teaching will usually incorporate elements of more than one of these areas at any one time. Our aim is to teach geography at Whytemead as an integral part of our fabulous topics as the children move up the school. As some of our topics are more geographically based than others, it may be that discrete geography teaching will only occur during certain parts of the school year. Throughout their time at Whytemead, however, we do exploit opportunities to explore and use our immediate environment of the school grounds, local area, the beach and other trips further afield to foster childrens’ natural awe, wonder and sense of place. By inspiring a curiosity about the world and learning about their place within it, children will develop an understanding of the relationship between physical and human processes which have shaped and continue to shape the world we live in. This understanding will be achieved by encouraging children to value the skills of enquiry as well as the acquisition of geographical knowledge. Ensuring that children are keen and confident to observe, question and compare different aspects of their own lives and the lives of others will help them to develop into responsible citizens of the future.