EYFS & KS1 Golden awards

31st January 2019

EYFS & KS1 – Golden January


Apple Class

Bella – for being a kind and thoughtful member of Apple class

Rigers – Amazing drawings

Ava – writing & effort

Richard – being a polite and kind member of Apple class

Mateo – always doing the right thing and for his effort with phonics

Amalie Mai – effort in phonics and always trying hard


Pear Class

Alia – brilliant stickman postcard writing

Gabis – Superstar tidy-upper

Ashton – working hard on his writing

Clayton – using excellent adjectives to describe a leaf

William & Ruby – amazing animal describing

Cassie & Mason – trying really hard with their writing


Chestnut Class

Harry – For his poem about a star

Millie – for being a thoughtful member of Chestnut – ALWAYS!

Grace – Listening to Mrs Lyons always and responding to questions – a keen learner

Barney – always having interesting comments when we are on the carpet

Woody – excellent multiplication and division work

Freya D – working hard every day and always

May – being really brave and reading out her writing in front of the whole class

Freya S – being a kind and thoughtful friend


Maple Class

Sofia – trying very hard handwriting

Jamie – working really hard on his writing

Harry – working hard on his phonics

Casey – always trying really hard with his work

Blake – working really hard in Literacy

William & Gracie May – working hard in maths, thinking about using the inverse to find missing numbers


Willow Class

Jamie – great effort with his published poem

Charlie – amazing maths

Ania – great effort on her Literacy

Alfie – Super maths work on equal groups

Sofia – trying so much harder with her learning and not giving up

Dylan – joining in on the carpet and sharing his great ideas

Orin – writing carefully about the Fox and the Star

Heidi – being kind and caring