EPIC Eco Project - competition winners!

13th May 2019
Thank you to all children who participated in our Epic Eco-Project competition. We had some fabulous work handed in to us.
The winners of the competition, who will now be representing the school in the Epic Eco-project, are as follows:
Finlay - Redwood
Angel - Lime
Leo & Charlie - Olive
Maia - Olive
Nathan - Redwood
Prasanya - Olive
Melody - Beech
Caitlyn - Olive
Victoria - Olive
Harriet - Olive
Freddie - Lime
Evie & Thea - Lime/Apple
Eliza - Maple
Lillie - Oak
Lauren G - elm
Isla - Olive
Thomas G - Lime
Aaram Duggan - Elm
Their wonderful work is on display in the hall on the Eco-board if you would like to have a look.