Elizabeth Baguley

  • Mrs Elizabeth Baguley

    Co-Opted Governor

    Appointed 08 Oct 2018
    Term of Office - 2 years
    Responsible for School Attendance and Teaching and Learning

    My name is Elizabeth Baguley and I am married with two children, Danielle aged 18 and Ryan aged 15.

    I am a member of staff at Whytemead Primary and work as a teaching assistant in Year 5/6. I joined the school in 2008 and absolutely love it!

    My current role on the governing body is that of a co-opted governor, having previously been the support staff governor.

    I have a long standing love for Whytemead Primary School, as not only have my two children attended the school, but I also came to Whytemead for my education. Therefore you can see how highly I regard the school, staff, and family that make up our wider school community.

    The changes over the past few years, transitioning us to a Primary, have been exciting and we are all looking forward to the future and continuing our journey, as we see our children progress through the year groups and on to high school.