Early Years Foundation Stage

What is EYFS?

  • It is a stage of development from birth to the end of their first year at school when they are aged 5.

At Whytemead we are proud of our learning opportunities and inspiring environment. We provide a happy, safe and secure environment with a focus on child initiated learning. This enables children to develop their independent skills and build a passion for learning.

All children learn best from experiences that are suitable for their stage of development. Play is the key to the way young children learn. Through play children can develop the confidence for learning, social skills needed for personal development and skills needed for writing, counting and exploring their environment. In that way children become more independent and are able to tackle simple problems.

The Early Years Curriculum is split into certain areas of learning.

Prime Areas – Personal, Emotional and Social Development

                       Communication and Language

                       Physical Development

Specific Areas – These include essential skills and knowledge for children to participate successfully in society.



                      Understanding the World

                      Expressive Art and Design


The learning process is complex and children have individual ways in which they learn successfully. Learning is built upon what your child already knows. At Whytemead we will take your child on an exciting exploration of new skills and experiences.