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Schoolsworks is a multi-academy trust in West Sussex. Our aim is to create small hubs of schools which work closely together to collaborate, share best practice and improve outcomes for children.


Whytemead Primary School



  • Attendance must be a priority for everyone. We can only teach those who attend!
  • School starts at 9.00am (the gates are closed at 8.55am) and finishes at 3.15pm.
  • Your child will be marked as late if they are not in school by 9.00am, therefore every effort should be made to ensure they are in class ready for learning by this time.
  • Telephone the school on 01903 202639.
  • It is the parents' responsibility to contact the school to report any absence. Contact should be made on each day of absence.
  • Any child arriving at school after the gates are closed at 8.55am, should sign in at the main office with time and reason for lateness. 
  • If your child arrives between 8.55 & 9.30am, a code of 'L' will be recorded in the register.
  • If your child arrives after 9.30am, a code of 'U' will be recorded in the register. This counts as an unauthorised absence.


In total there are 175 non-school days a year. This gives families the opportunity to;

  • Spend time together
  • Go on family visits and days out
  • Go on holiday
  • Attend routine medical appointments
If your child has a holiday of just one week during term time and 10 days of illness, they would miss 75 hours of education in an academic year. If this pattern were to be repeated throughout your child's school life, they would miss almost a year of their education.

Children who go on holiday in term time may miss out on more than you think. After they return from holiday, they may not be able to access learning easily because they could have missed out on a vital part of their learning journey. 

Due to Government guidelines, we are unable to authorise any absence for a holiday. 

Request for Absence in School Time - Form

A guide to all things medical

Not all illnesses require your child to take time off school, please see the list below for exclusion periods. If you need any more advice, please call the School Office on 01903 202639.

  •  Chicken pox & shingles- stay off until all spots are scabbed over and dry.
  • Impetigo- stay away from school until lesions are crusted or healed.
  • Diarrhoea and vomiting- return to school 48 hours after the last episode
  • Flu- your child should return as soon as your child feels well enough.
  • Headlice - no time off required. Treat lice and send to school.
  • Conjuctivitis- no need to keep off once treatment has started.

When making dental, GP or optician appointments, please try to arrange them for out of school hours. Please be aware that an appointment during the school day does not require your child to miss the whole day at school. Other than in exceptional circumstances, it will be expected that your child returns to school following an appointment or comes in before the appointment.

If your child has a bump to the head during the school day, they will receive either a head bump sticker or note informing you of any treatment they have received and advice of any signs or symptoms to look out for at home. If our qualified first aiders think that the injury to your child is serious, the school will call home to inform you that you may need to seek further medical advice. For this reason, please always ensure that the school has the most up-to-date contact details for parents.

Is my child well enough attend school- NHS GUIDANCE

Permission to give Medication - Form

The Law

The Education Act 1996 requires parents to ensure their children of compulsory school age receive efficient  full-time education. 

The law says that parents/carers whose children of compulsory school age are absent from school without good reason are committing an offence. 

Unauthorised absence includes but is not limited to;

  • Arriving late after 9.30am.
  • Shopping trips.
  • Birthday treats involving absence.
  • Visiting relatives.
  • Extra days tagged onto weekends
  • Holidays.
  • Having sick relatives or siblings who are sick.
  • Where there is no reason given for the absence.
You need to be aware that, although you may provide a reason for absence, it is the school which decides if the absence is recorded as authorised or unauthorised. 

Attendance Policy

WSCC - Prosecution guide for parents