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Whytemead Primary School

New term, new topic: Year 3&4 start to learn about Anglo Saxons!

Years 3 and 4 had a visit from the Novium Museum in Chichester this week to teach us all about the Anglo Saxons, which is our topic for the summer term. We even got to pretend to be dead warriors so we could see what might have been buried with them. 


First off the visitor from the museum asked us questions that she thought we might have about Anglo Saxons. Next we attempted to build a small pyramid shaped kiln from sticks and a sheet of fabric, which took the place of mud. We added flames to give it a realistic look.


After that we learnt a story about King Alfred, and were shown items, such as fungi, related to the story. We also saw pictures of skeletons with objects on and around it and had to work out whether the remains and belongings were from a rich or a poor person.


This was a great way to start our new term and new topic!