November 2017

1st November 2017
On Monday 6th November we had a visit from The Connor Saunders Foundation. 

Your children were very lucky today to have the Connor Saunders Foundation in to give them some basic First Aid training. They have been taught how to call for help in an emergency, how to respond if someone is choking and how to put a person into the recovery position.

The Connor Saunders foundation was set up in memory of Connor Saunders, with the aim of providing defibrillators into as many places as possible, which was something Connor wanted to do before he tragically killed in 2012.

We are the 68th defibrillator that they have been able to provide through their hard work.

The children started the day with a short assembly presented by Connor’s mother about Connor’s life and death and about why the charity was set up.

Our new defibrillator has been installed outside the office. There is absolutely no risk to the children, as it will only start if someone is suffering cardiac arrest, in which case it could be a life saver.

To find out more about the Connor foundation please visit their website

It would be great if you could ask the children about their first aid training and see what they can remember.